Uschi Keszler’s Hydro-Blading® Academy

September 5, 2023 to June 14, 2024

JellyLoop Skating Complex  offers several plans for purchases of ice time for the Fall, Winter & Spring Academy Program.

Skaters may register for the following ice plans by downloading and completing the registration form and presenting it in person at JellyLoop.  Please carefully review the payment terms and cancellation policy.



2023-24 Fall/Winter Ice Package Options

Division of On-Ice Sessions:

  • Low – Juvenile FS/FD test and below
  • High – Intermediate FS/FD test and above
  • All Levels – All levels; free skating, dance, and pairs skaters
  • Restricted – Junior  and Senior or by invitation  from Skating Director

Punch Cards:

  • 30 sessions  $480.00
  • 10 sessions  $180.00
  • Walk On $19.00

*Can be used for specific off ice classes

To Complete Registration:

Download and deliver your completed form to Lisa Shaw, Figure Skating Director.

Skaters Participating in the plans after the program start date must to speak with Lisa Shaw for pricing.

Payment Terms

Please make sure you have created a DAYSMART account.
Contracts payments will be divided into 9 payments and will be run on the 1st of each month. Any declined card
will result in a 10.00/day late fee assessment.

  • 7% off if paid in full by August 31, 2023 cannot be combined with any other discount
  • 10% off second family member which cannot be combined with any other discount
  • Any contracts signed after the start date of September 6th must be discussed with Director.

Withdrawal from Ice Package
Signing of this contract authorizes JellyLoop to charge the installment amount on the date indicated. NO REFUNDS will be issued once the contract is signed.