2021 Summer Program information is shown below for your reference.
Please check back in the spring for the new 2022 Summer Program

2023 Summer Junior Competitive Program

June 12, 2023 to September 1, 2023

The Junior Competitive Program at JellyLoop is designed to continue the growth of the basic skills skater into the competitive skating environment. The program will bridge the gap between basic skills group lessons and private lessons while making competitive skating an affordable option for families. The Program will not only teach to individualized levels, but also encompass introductory parent education sessions and skating club spirit.

2023 Summer Schedule

  • Week 1: June 12 – June 16
  • Week 2: June 19 – June 23
  • Week 3: June 26 – June 30
  • Week 4: July 3 – July 7
  • Week 5: July 10 – July 14
  • Week 6: July 17 – July 21
  • Week 7: July 24 – July 28
  • *PSC WEEK – No JCP: August 2 – August 6
  • Week 8: Aug. 7 – Aug. 11
  • Week 9: Aug. 14 – Aug. 18
  • Week 10: Aug. 21 – Aug. 25
  • Week 11: Aug. 28 – Sept. 1

*Mandatory competition for all JCP members.
**For all Skaters under the age of 14 that will not have supervision at the rink, there is a Program Extension to care for your skater and make sure they are getting to their correct sessions/classes/lessons as well as supervision throughout the downtime. Please see Lisa to sign up for this



To Complete Registration:

Download and deliver your completed form to Lisa Shaw, Figure Skating Director.   If you not certain what package to register for, please see Lisa Shaw or Leif Gislason to ensure proper program selection.
Lshaw@jellyloop.net or jcp@jellyloop.net

2023 Summer JCP – Prep / Advance / Excel

2019 Summer Program information is shown below for your reference.
Please check back in the spring for the new 2020 Summer Program

Additional Full weeks: $160.00

Additional Full weeks: $160.00


There are four groups within the Junior Competitive Program at JellyLoop – JCP “Prep”, “Advance”, “Excel”, and “High Performance”. The levels are designed to accommodate all competitive levels from Learn to Skate Basic 5 to Pre-Juvenile competition level. Skaters are grouped according to their age, skill, and test levels, in order to maximize productivity, focus of instruction, and group camaraderie during the on and off ice components.

Note: Level descriptions and criteria can vary from year to year based on the make up of the program and the discretion of management.

Program Requirements

  • All skaters must become members of the JellyLoop Skating Club.
  • JCP skaters must have a private coach while enrolled in the program.
  • All skaters must compete at either Philadelphia Summer Championships or Keystone State games. Skaters that do both will participate in both send offs. Skaters are required to participate unless a specific permission from the director is given.
  • Skaters must compete in at least two competitions per season.
  • All JCP skaters must participate in at least the JCP group number as a part of the Annual Ice Show and must meet the requirements of ice show participation.
  • All JCP skaters must have appropriate practice equipment/apparel. Please see our Staff in the JellyLoop ProShop for your included 10% discount on skates and blades.
  • Mandatory Seminars for parents of first year Junior Competitive Skaters. All Parents are welcome to come to these and other informational seminars that will be presented throughout the season.


  • World Class Coaching Staff
  • Creating well-balanced, confident Athletes with a combined focus on technique, athleticism and artistry
  • Varying Levels of Commitment designed to meet the needs of a variety of skating levels and budgets
  • Affordable Introduction to Competitive Figure Skating
  • Extensive Ice Sessions accommodate all schedules
  • Parent Information Sessions
  • Professional Off Ice Instruction
  • Individual Focus with Team Camaraderie



Leif Gislason


Kim Seybold Catron
Yovanny Durango
Oleg Fediukov
Pasha Filchenkov
Kelsey Gislason
Leif Gislason
Shannon Huffman
Michael James
Carter Jones
Uschi Keszler
Mojca Kopac-Tiernan
Natalya Linichuk
Richard Sharpe
Crystal Smith
Cheryl Snyder
Michael Solonoski
Marcia Walkney
Laura Whipple
Megan Williams-Stewart
Russ Witherby
Alex Zahradnicek


Our Junior Coaching staff consists of various high level competitive skaters.


Lisa Shaw
lshaw@jellyloop.net  or call  610-497-2200 ext.117